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The Death Of Nightwalkers’ clan

kAs most of you know, our clan is severely inactive and our forums are dead. I am going to keep it eshort and sweet: Nightwalkers is disbanded. I as leader have chosen to end this clan for the good of the playes. I do this so that all of you can go find better clans that are more active and so that you all may hone your skills. If you wish, you can still wear the NW tags as a memorial (lol).

Now that we have that depressing subject done and over with, lets remember the happier times of the clan. I remember when I was applying for Wild West, Elder came to me asking to be in his clan. I put it off and put it off untill I finally joined. I was put as ctfs captain (when there was a time we had sections ;P) and led warss and stuff. we went through restructuring and the captains were eliminated, so i was back to being a plain old member. eventually Elder quit and Zurd took over. Now comes the Golden Days.

With Zurd as a leader we went far. Its because of him that NW made a diference in tron. Him and I teamed up to start the now famous Night Walkers Central servers, which are actually quite busy. He got new members and was a great leader. After a brief period when the clan wasnt doing so good, Zurd joined Wild West!!! :o !!!! What an accomplishment! He left Bye in charge an dhe inturn gave me the role as leader. Unfortunately I think we went downhill from there, sorry guys :cry: .

Well thats all I can think of. If youd like to add onto the memoriam please post.

(oh yeah, i remembered a good thing that happened to our clan while i was leader, THE ARCADE!!!wewt :D)

Also, the servers are staying and this site will be dedicated to our servers, kinda like WW was before they clanned.

Its been good leading you all.
Special thanks go to:
…and anyone else I missed :P

signing out.

NW was one of the first remarkable CTF and CTFS clans and in my opinion, a part of Armagetron’s history dies with it.

What’s your favorite game type?

New Arrow member!

I am very pleased to announce our newest recruit, Arks!

Arks is a reasonable new player in the fort/sumo world and first caught our attention a few months ago. After a lot of training & practice, Arks has made it into the Arrow ranks.

With viper and Arks, the newest members now in the clan, we only have space for 1-2 more players. Post on the forum or get in touch with me or freako if your interested in applying ;)


New Computer

So my old computer was getting kinda well, old. The screen was broken so I could only play in fortress because if someone was like red, then they were invisible. Taco had wiped that hard drive and installed Ubuntu on it, which is a cool os but very complicated so you have to know your stuff to be able to do anything. Anyways, I went a got a new computer, the latest and greatest laptop from HP. First thing I do when I get home after installing firefox and all the anit-virus programs was get on tron to see how it runs. I log into the first network sumo game, and I can already tell it sucks. Just like any other laptop I’ve played it’s totally a different experience than if I were playing on my home desktop computer. The fps is lower, the smoothness of the gameplay drops and high pings start to kick in, sad face. I wonder why it’s always like this on laptops, if anyone knows please leave a comment but I don’t get it at all. Looks like I’ll have to keep my home computer set up so I can still play tron every once in a while, which sucks because I only have one desk :D. Plus I’ll be going to college next year and I probably wont be able to take it.

Guess we’ll see how it goes :P. if anyone else has a laptop tell me how your gameplay is compared to a standard home computer

Arrows onboard

Hey þsy here, thought this blog idea sounded great so I thought I’d sign up and help get the ball rolling. I’ll probably use this to keep the tron community updated about arrow clan and other fort/sumo related events that I’m involved with.

Just a little about the clan: We’re reasonably new to the tron world having only being going 4 or 5 months. The clan is led by myself and freako, and in the few months we’ve been working on the clan we’ve steadily built a tight community of both talented and friendly sumo/fort players. It was originally designed as a project to unite those players who are good at tron, but didn’t want to get involved with any of the clans around at the time for numerous different reasons; primarily the pressure and pride that often comes in competition and everyday tron. Thanks to the commitment shown by the ‘original’ 5 or 6 members such as hoop, freako, hamar, xyron etc. we managed to build a good foundation to work on. From there we’ve gone from strength to strength, always playing our best whilst maintaining the relaxed, good fun element that we based the clan’s mentality upon.

Check our posts on here if you wanna know whats going on in the arrow community, visit our forum here to get in touch/say hello or send me an email to

Apologies for any mistake I’ve made, still trying to get used to the blogging!

Thanks for reading

Theres always next month…TR and ladle 21

Well, I was extremely late to the ladle, missing the whole first round. TR played Ww the first round, and I believe it was 3v6. Tr only having 3 people which were durka, goody and corn I think. I heard it was a pretty close game, sounded fun :(. Anyways next round we played x clan. The tables turned and this time we had a full 6 player team and they only had 3 to 4 players at times. We won 2-0 easily and were up against the farily new team Plus+, who just came from beating the Ladle 19 winners, KoD. this time we were down a man, playing 5v6, but doing farily well. We lost 2-0, with the second match being like 96-100 or something, it was really close match’s. Gratz to them, they sure are a good team with Lack’s tricky defense. Anyways, I don’t think I’ll be defending in ladle 22 just because sage took over defense in ladle 20, and now durka in ladle 21. So, we’ll see how that goes. Hope we can get a good defender in a month…

Intill next time


Late Night Fun

Couple of months ago, it was almost impossible to find a good fort game everyday. Ususally the only time was around the early evening because that was just before bed for the euro players. Even then it was hard to get the american sumo lovers to some euro fort because they weren’t adjusted to the lag. But lately theres been an awesome trend of some late night american fort. With durka’s server .:] Twisted Rats Fortress amazingly lagless gameplay, I can log into tron around 10-11pm EST and be guaranteed a fort game! Plus theres usually a decent amount of people there. Just tonite, I logged onto tron around 9pm, started a 1v1 fort match with 1200, and left at 12midnight. There were still 19 players when i left. On the weeknights I’m even starting to lose sleep cause I don’t want to leave XD.

I predict that american fortress will soon take over euro fort, just because there’s SO many more american players. Can you imagine if all the Wild West Sumo finatics changed their favorite game type to fort? There would be multiple 10+ fort games going on 24/7. Also after a while you get tired and bored of sumo and look for alternatives, which is what happened to me. Anyways it’s awesome seeing the american community moving to fort and can’t wait to see what the future ladles will be like.


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