Theres always next month…TR and ladle 21

Well, I was extremely late to the ladle, missing the whole first round. TR played Ww the first round, and I believe it was 3v6. Tr only having 3 people which were durka, goody and corn I think. I heard it was a pretty close game, sounded fun :(. Anyways next round we played x clan. The tables turned and this time we had a full 6 player team and they only had 3 to 4 players at times. We won 2-0 easily and were up against the farily new team Plus+, who just came from beating the Ladle 19 winners, KoD. this time we were down a man, playing 5v6, but doing farily well. We lost 2-0, with the second match being like 96-100 or something, it was really close match’s. Gratz to them, they sure are a good team with Lack’s tricky defense. Anyways, I don’t think I’ll be defending in ladle 22 just because sage took over defense in ladle 20, and now durka in ladle 21. So, we’ll see how that goes. Hope we can get a good defender in a month…

Intill next time




  1. Concord Said:

    you folks were tough, I’m not sure why you went to the sumo defense

  2. CuRbSidE Said:

    yea well, I’m pretty sure the sumo defense wasn’t on purpose hehe. More like a failure at spliting early

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