Arrows onboard

Hey þsy here, thought this blog idea sounded great so I thought I’d sign up and help get the ball rolling. I’ll probably use this to keep the tron community updated about arrow clan and other fort/sumo related events that I’m involved with.

Just a little about the clan: We’re reasonably new to the tron world having only being going 4 or 5 months. The clan is led by myself and freako, and in the few months we’ve been working on the clan we’ve steadily built a tight community of both talented and friendly sumo/fort players. It was originally designed as a project to unite those players who are good at tron, but didn’t want to get involved with any of the clans around at the time for numerous different reasons; primarily the pressure and pride that often comes in competition and everyday tron. Thanks to the commitment shown by the ‘original’ 5 or 6 members such as hoop, freako, hamar, xyron etc. we managed to build a good foundation to work on. From there we’ve gone from strength to strength, always playing our best whilst maintaining the relaxed, good fun element that we based the clan’s mentality upon.

Check our posts on here if you wanna know whats going on in the arrow community, visit our forum here to get in touch/say hello or send me an email to

Apologies for any mistake I’ve made, still trying to get used to the blogging!

Thanks for reading


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  1. CuRbSidE Said:

    Yea you guys are off to a good start with some soild members, and I can’t wait to see what it’ll be like in a year or two :D.
    Hope we see you guys in the next ladle, it’ll be a good fight

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