Fortress Tron

The biggest fortress competition is the ladle. It’s one of the few tournaments that is actually organized, thought out, and easy to particapate in with pluntey of competition. It happens on the first Sunday and every month. Teams sign up on the Armagetron Wiki Site that has the challenge board, times, server settings, and server list. Before the ladle, each team that is participating gets to concectivly vote on the settings. Each team vote counts as one vote, and the settings with the most votes are the ones that will be played during that ladle. Here are some following settings are voted on:

  • team_max_players – 6v6? 7v7? 8v8?
  • score_hole – yes (+1 point), no (0 points)
  • 2v2 – unconquerable? conquerable?
  • scoring distribution – score_win 6, fortress_conquered_score 4? or score_win 10, fortress_conquered_score 0?
  • brackets – random teams, seeded teams (top 2? top4?)
  • servers – random? balance of Euro/American? (like Ladle 20)
  • finals – always Z-Man’s? rotate between Z-Man’s and American Server? (TR Fort? Server Pharm? PinkTomato’s?)
  • server names – normal? (all different) coordinated? (like Ladle 20)
  • team signups – list players? (do they have to play with the name listed? is there a size limit? can teams recruit on the day of?) don’t list players?

After all the voting is done, and all the teams are signed up, the teams are randomly seated on a challegne board that lays out each round. The actual gameplay consis of usually 10-15 Teams, each one having around 6 to 8 players. Each round teams play the best of three matchs, with the winners moving on the to next round, also it’s single elimination so if you lose a match it’s not possible to win :/. Regarding servers – If its American team vs American team, then the server will be American, same for European vs European. But if its American vs European, then they will play in the server assigned to that round when the teams were randomly seated. Same goes with the Finals, no longer will it always be played in Z-man’s Fortress but with the new roation system in process. Winners get to brag for a whole month that they are the best, come see if you get that chance :D

To sign up for the next ladle visit:


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