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Strategy and Roles

Most teams have 1 defender, at least 2 sweepers, 1 midfielder, and the rest attack. Moving it around can greatly effect your outcome. For example. Team A might play an extremely defensive strategy since defense has a advantage over attackers, focusing defending then attacking once they’ve killed all the attackers. On the other hand Team B might only have 1 sweeper and no midfielders so they can bombard the other team with their attackers and win the round quickly. I could go very deep into this topic with a lot of sides but I’ll save it for a later blog. Here is a explanation of each role:

  • Defender

The defender usually starts from the farthest out position, but there are also advantages on blocking the center if they start from inner positions.  The defender should begin by making a square around the zone, as fast as possible with little turns, later expanding his defense to his liking. He’s able to do this without being attacked because of his sweepers, who help block the incoming attackers. I’ll leave your defending style up to you.

  • Sweeper

There are usually two sweepers, one for each side. Sweepers main goal at the start of the round is to to split early and prevent incoming attackers from reaching their zone before the defender is able to set up. After that, if any attackers didn’t make it into the zone, they should let the defender expand his defense. Once the defender starts getting attacked, the sweepers goal is to kill the attackers! Not to play as a second defense!

  • Attacker

Attackers usually start from the inner positions. Once splitting and getting to the opponents zone they should focus on killing the sweepers BEFORE they attack! If they don’t, they will most likely be picked off 1 by 1. Many attacking strategies consist of finding long straight walls on the defender’s line and gaining lots a speed, then grinding hard on that line at the same time as the defender.


The main purpose of sumo is to be the last one alive. The zone has and max of 4 players and 8 players in team sumo. Theres no real one way to sumo, everyone has a different style. Some are extremely aggressive and go around trying to kill others, while some might play defensively, setting up a “territory” and mazing in till their opponents die. I think everyone creates their own styles with strengths and weaknesses, but if your not sure it helps to spec and watch other veteran’s that have developed their own. Personally my strategy is setting up a territory at the start, slowly expanding it and taking the territory from the weaker players who die quickly. Then if I have most of the zone I stay on defense and just wait for the last player to die. If i have less, then I go on the attack, usually attacking with a lot of speed and pressuring him by grinding his wall the same time he is. Overall sumo can he extremely fun that has some great fights or just mazing with no real direction in mind. :D


More information to come :)
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