Sign up to Blog

First step to becoming an author is to make to a wordpress account at you should email me at with your email address. Once I accept it, you can blog away. To post go to “New Post” at the top left hand corner of your screen and make sure you specify the category it fits into.

Once you start blogging you will get our own page, located under authors widget. There it shows all the posts and comments you’ve made. Active bloggers can be promoted to “Editors” who can help maintain the site if it becomes popular. Editors are like mods in which they can edit, deleted or modify anyone’s post.

If you would like this site to host your clan, and be your headquarters, thats possible too. I would create a new category in “Blog Categories” with your clan name. Then all your posts and blogs will go to that section where clanmates can respawn and comment, sort of like a foums. Just email me if your interested.

Have fun

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