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Late Night Fun

Couple of months ago, it was almost impossible to find a good fort game everyday. Ususally the only time was around the early evening because that was just before bed for the euro players. Even then it was hard to get the american sumo lovers to some euro fort because they weren’t adjusted to the lag. But lately theres been an awesome trend of some late night american fort. With durka’s server .:] Twisted Rats Fortress amazingly lagless gameplay, I can log into tron around 10-11pm EST and be guaranteed a fort game! Plus theres usually a decent amount of people there. Just tonite, I logged onto tron around 9pm, started a 1v1 fort match with 1200, and left at 12midnight. There were still 19 players when i left. On the weeknights I’m even starting to lose sleep cause I don’t want to leave XD.

I predict that american fortress will soon take over euro fort, just because there’s SO many more american players. Can you imagine if all the Wild West Sumo finatics changed their favorite game type to fort? There would be multiple 10+ fort games going on 24/7. Also after a while you get tired and bored of sumo and look for alternatives, which is what happened to me. Anyways it’s awesome seeing the american community moving to fort and can’t wait to see what the future ladles will be like.